Local Mug Shots – Internet Mugshots


Local Mug Shots – Internet Mugshots

Mugshot News

Phillyburbs.com (3/24/2013) – Man sues bucks officials after he finds 1998 mugshot from expunged arrest online

Nightline (3/7/2013) – Mug Shot Websites: Profiting off People in Booking Photos?

Fox13now.com (3/6/2013) – Legislation takes mugshots off jail websites

Ocala.com (2/13/2013) – Under proposed law websites could be forced to delete some mugshots

Standard-Examiner (2/8/2013) – Limiting public access to jail mugs sets worrisome precedent

SearchEngineLand.com (2/6/2013) – Opinion: Why Google Should Crack Down Harder On The Mugshot Extortion Racket

KVAL.com (1/30/2013) – Critics take aim at mugshot tabloids

Washington Times (1/23/2013) – Mugs seen as crime solvers D.C. Council member Cheh wants police to release photos

Herald Extra (1/9/2013) – Utah sheriff strikes back at mugshot websites

Wired.com (12/12/2012) – Shamed by mugshot sites, arrestees try novel lawsuit

Huffington Post (12/7/2012) – Mugshots on Pinterest help local Pennsylvania police catch criminals

ABA Journa (12/7/2012) – Ohio lawyer sues mugshot websites, claims right of publicity violation

Zanesville Times Recorder (12/5/2012) – Ohio lawyer accuses mugshot websites of ‘extortion’

Toledo Blade (12/5/2012) – Web sites profiting from mug shots sued

Statesman (12/3/2012) – Mugshot-filled tabloid ceases print, but an elusive operation continues online

Sky Valley Chronicle (11/26/2012) – The Internet Version Of A Mafia Shakedown?

The Daily (11/26/2012) – Face Booked

Miami Herald (11/3/2012) – Mugshots: The hot new Internet business

Malvern Gazette (11/02/2012) – Mugshot brought conman to justice

Douglas County Sentinel (10/26/2012) – Bruce takes aim at mugshot websites

Central Illinois Proud (10/25/2012) – Special Report: Mugshot Shame

My Fox Atlanta (10/25/2012) – State rep takes on mugshot websites

The New Zealand Herald (10/25/2012) – Arresting photo gets half million viral hits

WPDE (10/23/2012) – What are the ethics of posting mugshots online

WLTX (10/22/2012) – Mugshot Websites Causing Concern

Gizmodo (10/8/2012) – How People profit from your online mug shot and ruin y our life forever

WBIR (10/3/2012) – Opinions differ about ‘mugshot newspapers’.

wsbtv.com (09/20/2012) – Lawmaker cracking down on mugshot websites

News.Yahoo.com (09/20/2012) – Shakedown or public service? Mug shot websites spread

Poynter.com (09/12/2012) – Mug-shot websites move beyond journalism to mainstream profiteers

abclocal.go.com (08/17/2012) – Man trying to start newspaper publishing mug shots of people arrested in Harris County, TX

USF.Edu (08/1/2012) – Mugshot websites and reputation defenders work together

SafeShepherd.com (7/17/2012) – Online Mugshot Extortion Is Its Own Crime

TheSkanner.com (07/12/2012) – Movement emerges to beat down mugshot racket

NBC26 (7/6/2012) – Owner Of “The Jail Report” Wants To Clear Up Something About His Business

KansasCity.com (6/29/2012/) – Website offers to delete its information about your arrest – if you pay $200

productforums.google.com (ongoing) – productforums.google.com mugshots

CNN (5/29/2012) – The newest tabloid craze: Mug Shots

Boise Weekly (5/16/2012) – Raney, Fresh Off Victory, Takes on Mugshots

Justia.com (4/24/2012) – Mug Shot Mania: The Legal and Policy Issues Surrounding Private Websites’ Postings of Arrest Photos

abcnews.go.com (4/23/2012) – Businesses Charge Hundreds To Remove Mug Shots Online

WV Gazette (4/17/2012) – Jail Authority restricts mug shot downloads

scribd.com (?/?/?) – Investigation of Arrests.org

citmedialaw.org (4/14/2012) – The ‘Mugshot Racket’ II: A Commercial Purpose Exemption?

Chicago Tribune (3/3/2012) – Exonerated man feels mugged by website

TheOlympian.com (2/27/2012) – Read the entire Q&A between’Mughost Barry’ at boisemugshots.com and Idaho Statesman reporter Patrick Orr

Chron.com (2/27/2012) – Idaho Sheriff says he may stop posting mug shots

tulsaworld.com (1/19/2012) – Appeals court hears newspaper mugshot FOIA lawsuit

abcnews.go.com (1/6/2012) – Get Arrested, And You Could Find Your Face in ‘The Slammer

citmedialaw.org (10/11/2011) – The ‘Mugshot Racket’: Paying to Keep Public Records Less Public

WWeek.com (8/24/2011) – Mug Shot Profiteers

Wired.com (8/2/2011) – Mug-Shot Industry Will Dig Up Your Past, Charge You to Bury It Again

scaminformer.com (6/23/2011) – Florida.arrests.org extortion racket

WCNC.com (2/25/2011) – Mugshot fascination.

Cult of Mac (01/13/2010) – Real Mug Shot iPhone App

Google Blog (10/15/2009) – Managing your reputation through search

SERoundtable.com (10/15/2009) – Get Out Of Google Jail For $50, Web Site Captures Mug Shots

productforums.google.com (9/13/2009) – How Can I Get a Website to Remove Content About Me

Business Insider (8/19/2009) – How To Save Print: Use More Mugshots

reason.com (4/2009) – Mug shots – funny and unusual punishment


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