Local Mug Shots – Internet Mugshots


Local Mug Shots – Internet Mugshots

The Slammer

The Slammer is mainly a print publication of mugshots covering the following localities:

  • Maricopa,AZ SlammerMugshots Online
  • Central Arkansas SlammerMugshots Online
  • Palm Beach,FL SlammerMugshots Online
  • Triangle, NC SlammerMugshots Online
  • Central, OH SlammerMugshots Online
  • Triad, NC SlammerMugshots Online
  • Southwest, OH SlammerMugshots Online
  • Metrolina East, NC SlammerMugshots Online
  • Metrolina West, NC SlammerMugshots Online

The print publication looks amateurish with pix-elated mugshots and text if you view the mugshots online.
Viewing mugshots online via The Slammer Adobe Flash flipbook plugin can be bothersome and you may not find it worth the effort to look at the mugshots.

Contact The Slammer:
Owners: Isaac Cornetti and Linda Cornetti
Business Address: P.O. BOX 12531 RALEIGH NC 27605
Phone: 866.736.5530
Email: publisher@theslammer.com or publisher@theslammer.com
Website: Slammer News
Facebook: The Slammer on Facebook


13 Responses

  1. alack. says:

    your links are dead.

  2. Tyler jones says:

    Hi my name is Tyler Jones and I would like to see if you have and drivers Job ..I live in western Raleigh /Cary… You can call me anytime at 9192445930

  3. marcy says:

    you should be ashamed of what you do to plp who have turned their life around!

  4. Danielle says:

    I was put on the front page IN COLOR for a failure to appear on a misdemeanor when I turned myself in. I couldnt make it to my court date becuase it was snowing. this was in 2010. the cops later lied to me about the process i would go through when i turned myself in. i was told i would be processed and appear in front of a judge and get a new court date and be released hours later. Ad that if i didnt turn myself in i would be arrested in my 1st period class. the police at my school told me this. I was only 18 and that was my FIRST and only charge that was later dropped. It completely embarrassed me and it’s horrible you are doing this to people. I was confronted by hundreds of people including employers. So thank you for ruining my reputation in my hometown. This caused me to be an outcast and be judged by everybody.

  5. Danielle says:

    Also, I was incarcerated for 3 days until my dad got me out.

  6. Angela says:

    The people pictured in your magazine are guilty ,tried, convicted by the posting of thier crime and picture this is giving our government the right to banish our constitution rights pls stop encouraging one world order

  7. Angela sharp North Little Rock Arkansasl says:

    Isn’t it hard enough for we the people in this economic recession to find employment without unjust or with out cause influences such as your magazine influencing employers decisions upon hiring? Discrimination is only illegal if caught or charged other than that it is a opinion that can scar one by a photo in an arrest magazine that proclaims the person guilty of an alleged crime before a right to a fair trial

  8. April says:

    i think they r awesome, its public record anyways marcy…so fuck off

  9. tiffany says:

    As if what we were arrested for wasnt enough info to tell our friends and family they have to see it in this paper you publish. Everyone makes mistakes dont know why you have to take it this far to make money off of it when its none of your business. I think their should be a waiver to sign to say you dont want to participate for the people who actually care about their future.

  10. regina says:

    you people realy be fucking people life up.. but wait til you have to put youself in there then fired from your job. you dont know how you destory the life of people who have not been found guilty. the law is so f up that they charge people with alot of bullshit they havent done its all about money to the system. you put people out there in this paper giving business another out look at them. half of the time they nt charge with what you put out but then its to late when the hiring business see it. thats why its so many crimes now cause we been stereo type and cant get jobs. once seen in this paper you already judge.

  11. Sandra Green says:

    I love this magazine, i work in a bad area ,and we use this as a tool to know who to watch or to show new employees who has been banned, not shame on u ,hats off to u,this helps make our job a little bit easier

  12. Amber says:

    The people in this magazine have not been tried and convicted it’s ashame what they do to people

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